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Loudon Dental Group Manurewa South Auckland

Our experienced clinicians provide excellent services through careful diagnosis and will keep you informed throughout your treatment. Your dentist or hygienist will give you a quote for your treatment at your consultation appointment.

Wheelchair and decreased mobility access:

Loudon Dental Group has treatment rooms available on both ground and first floor levels. If you would like to be seen in the downstairs facilities which have access for wheelchair and decreased mobility patients, please let us know when you book your appointment.

ACC Claims:

We can help you make a claim for your injury and provide the necessary treatment to help you recover.

WINZ Quotes:

We are happy to complete a full exam and create a treatment plan and quotation for WINZ.

− Consult
− Exam and Simple Clean
− Exam and Xrays
− Exams and Xrays and Clean
− Check Up after turning 18
− Simple/30 mins clean
− Extended/45 mins clean
− Fissure Sealants
− Silver/Amalgam Fillings
− Tooth Coloured/Composite Fillings
− Adult Single Tooth Extractions
− Multiple Extractions
− Surgical/Difficult Extractions
− Front/Single Rooted Tooth
− Molars/Multi Rooted Teeth
− Gold Crowns
− Porcelain Crowns
− Ceramic Crowns

- Bridges
- Veneers
− Tooth Implants
− Full Dentures
− Metal Partial Plates
− Plastic Partial Plates
− Relines and Repairs
− Mouthguards
− Bite Splints
− At Home Bleaching

Patient Testimonials

Our dental patients say:

My teeth have been fixed by Gavin Grant over the past year. He is awesome! He is very sympathetic in regard to pain and needles. He worked out a dental plan to get my teeth fixed over a period of time and that fit my budget. I would recommend Gavin any day!!!!

Pete, Loudon Dental Group patient

I have been going to Johan for dental surgery-he pulled a twisted and a splayed tooth (very tricky) and Caroline the hygienist looks after my teeth regularly. Can't thank Loudon Dental Group enough. Prices good.

Helen, Loudon Dental Group patient

I was happy with the work that I had done and they don't cost as much as most dentists do in Auckland. I recommend these guys.

Adam, Loudon Dental Group patient